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30. Fried Combination Seafood 
Stir fried prawns, fish, calamari, scallops and mussel Meat with fresh chilli, onion, capsicum, shallot, garlic and fish sauce.

31. Pla Rad Prik
(Deep Fried Blue Salmon Fillets
with Chilli Sauce) 23.90
Blue Salmon fillets, deep fried (crispy or semi crispy) according to your taste, coated with red chilli garlic, chopped onion, palm sugar, salt and tamarind sauce. The chilli can be medium or hot.

32. Hor Mok Ta – Lay Pow
(Seafood Casserole) 22.90
Fresh seafood marinated in herbs spices and curry paste. The seafood is encased in banana leaves then wrapped in foil and placed on the barbeque

33. Pla Sarm Ros
(Three favoured Deep Fried Barramundi) 27.90
Whole fish, deep fried (crispy or semi crispy) according to your taste coated with Chef’s special sauce which contains fresh chilli, garlic, tamarind, honey salt, coriander and fish sauce. The herbs and spices form a crisp outer layer over the succulent meat of fish.

34. Pla Phao
(*Baked Barramundi) 27.90
A blend of North Queensland fish with a Thai recipe. A whole fish is toppedwith pickled garlic, coriander, mixed vegetables, sliced ginger and wrapped in freshly picked banana leaves. This parcel is then placed in the oven and baked slowly. 
*Please allow approx 20 mins