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16. Gang Keo – Wan Gai, Pla
(Green Curry Chicken or Fish) 16.90
A popular Thai curry, cooked in coconut milk, green curry paste, sliced beans, peas and fresh basil. (Prawns) 22.90

17. Gang Dang Kae, Nuea, Gai, Pla
(Red Curry Lamb Beef, Chicken of Fish) 16.90
Your choice in our coconut milk, fresh green vegetables, freshly picked herbs and red curry paste. (Prawns) 22.90

18. Gang Masaman Nuea (Beef Curry) 17.90
A rich, aromatic but very mild beef curry from the South of Thailand cooked with coconut milk, toasted peanuts, bay leaves, potatoes and tamarind paste. An extraordinary taste especially from Thai Muslim Cuisine.

19. Panang Gai (Panang Chicken) 17.90
Chicken cooked with thick panang curry paste in coconut milk,
Topped with sliced lime leaves.

20. Curry of the House (Roasted Duck Curry) 18.90
Roast Duck cooked with sliced ripe golden pineapple, home-made curry paste, coconut milk, tomatoes and basil.

21. Choo Chee Goong or Pla
(Prawns or Deep Fried Fish Fillets) 22.90
Prawns or fish fillets cooked with a thick red chilli paste containing coriander root, kaffir lime fruit peel, garlic, red Onion and galingale. Blended with our highest quality coconut milk this dish is served with a tangy
topping of sprinkled kaffir Lime leaf shreds