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1. Golden Ship 9.00
Parcels of minced lean pork blended in our special Thai spices with garlic and ground peanuts, wrapped in thin pastry and deep fried until golden brown. Served with our homemade mild sweet chilli sauce. (6 pieces)

2. Chicken Wings 9.00
Tender young chicken wings are marinated in soy sauce, garlic, coriander and a selection of secret Thai herbs and spices. Deep fired until crispy brown in cholesterol free vegetable oil. Served with our homemade sweet chilli sauce.(5 pieces)

3. Taud Mun Pla (Fish Cakes) 9.00
Fish kneaded with a red chilli paste and deep fried, served with sliced cucumber and a mild sweet chilli sauce with toasted ground peanuts. (4 pieces)

4. Poh Pia Taud (Thai Spring rolls) 9.00
These spring rolls are a perfect appetizer for any meal, served with our homemade mild sweet chilli sauce. (Vegetarian 4 pieces)

5. Satay Chicken 9.00
Tender brochettes of chicken breast marinated in homemade sauce of Thai herbs and spices, grilled and basted with coconut milk. Served with a delicious peanut sauce.(x4)

6. Goong Taud (Deep Fried prawns) 9.00
Fresh king prawns de-veined and marinated with soy sauce and pepper, wrapped in pastry and deep fried. Served with a mild sweet chilli sauce. (4 pieces)

7. B.B.Q Octopus 9.00
Fresh octopus marinated in Thai spices. Served with our Chefs special hot sauce on the side and a garnish of fresh garden vegetables.

8. Curry Puff 9.00
Minced chicken, potatoes, onion and curry powder, wrapped in puff pastry, deep fried and served with mild sweet chilli and cucumber sauce. (4 pieces)

9. Mix Entrees 9.00
A satay stick. golden ship, spring roll and deep fried prawn, each with its own distinctive and appropriate sauce.