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41. B.B.Q Lamb Cutlets 22.90
Sweet succulent Australian lamb is the basis of this dish. Lamb cutlets trimmed of their fat are marinated in our secret sauce. They are dusted with a selection of fresh herbs before being gently barbecued.

42. Yellow Curry
(Chicken, Beef or Fish) 17.90
Galingal, coriander root, fresh chilli, kaffir lime skin and garlic are ground into paste, from which we make our sauce to serve with your choice of chicken, beef, lamb, prawns or vegetables. (Prawns) 22.90

43. Goong Pad Tua Lan Tao 22.90
Stir friend king prawns with snow peas, young corn, mushrooms and oyster sauce.

44. Fried Ginger (Pad Khing)
Fried chicken, pork or beef with fresh ginger, mushrooms and onion.

39. Kow Pad
(Fried Rice Thai style) 12.90
Fried rice with chicken, pea’s onion, shallots and egg. Served With slices of tomato,
a wedge of lemon and cucumber.
(Prawns) 17.90

40. Kow Souy 2.90
Steamed jasmine rice (Per Person)